Gender Pay Gap Reporting Service

Gender Pay Gap Reporting Service

The new gender pay gap reporting regulations require businesses with more than 250 employees to calculate and publish the pay gap between male and female employees.

The regulations apply to private and voluntary sector employers in England, Wales and Scotland.

Don’t get caught out by the new Gender Pay Reporting Regulations!


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Our Gender Pay Gap Reporting Service

Experts in this field, we have developed a straightforward cost effective solution designed to ensure you meet your obligations under the regulations.

We take the headache out of this new legal obligation, calculate your gender pay gap and prepare the required comparisons for publication.

What’s Included?

We will provide you with a report which complies with the detailed requirements of the regulations and includes the following:

  • Introduction
  • Mean Hourly Rates comparison
  • Median Hourly Rates comparison
  • Bonus Participation and Earnings comparison
  • Career Paths and Earnings – gender distribution by quartiles
  • High level narrative to explain findings and flag potential issues


We will provide an easy to use data collection template with guidance notes on who and what to include from your payroll or HR system


Our solution is priced at £595 excluding VAT.


  • Our analysis relies on your data being accurate
  • Raw data must be submitted in the format specified
  • Your report is available within ten working days of receipt of data

Gender Pay Gap Reporting Steps

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Gender Pay Gap Reporting Premium Services

Gender Pay Gap Analysis

We can look in more detail at the results of your Gender Pay Gap Report and examine the underlying data. This further analysis will help identify the root causes of your gender pay gap.

Human Capital and HR Practices Audit

This combines the Gender Pay Gap Analysis with a comprehensive review of people practices across your organisation including recruitment, succession planning, performance management, compensation, benefits, maternity policies and approach to talent development.

Gender and Diversity Strategy

We provide your Executive Committee/Board or committees (e.g. compensation, nomination, audit) with a comprehensive assessment of gender aligned compensation, policies and talent development practices, including recommendations for reducing the Gender Pay Gap and advice for the management of gender and diversity.

Job Levelling System

This will help you identify ‘equal work’ and help protect your organisation against Equal Pay claims

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