Sales Incentive Programmes

Sales Incentive Programmes

Sales Incentive Programmes with your bottom line in mind

Incentivising a sales team is often one of the most challenging aspects of reward design. However, for many organisations, sales force effectiveness is the lifeblood of the organisation, so building sales incentive plans, sales bonus or sales commission schemes which enable sustained achievement of sales targets is key and well worth the necessary investment of time and resources.

Here at Total Reward Solutions, we have enormous experience of developing impactful sales incentive and commission schemes for all manner of organisations – giving us an unrivalled grounding and insight into the demands of different sectors, sales cultures and sales cycles, as well as the factors which contribute to or subtract from successful sales incentive plans.

Simplicity and effectiveness are the ultimate objectives when crafting a sales incentive plan, but achieving that outcome without external assistance can prove elusive. A range of key objectives must be fully understood, and design features which need to be determined include eligibility, performance metrics, target-setting, calibration of payment to results, thresholds, claw-backs and hold-backs, phasing and timing of payments and good and bad leaver provisions. The relationship between individual, team and organisation must also be weighed carefully, along with the relationship and gearing between base pay and sales commission.Our experts possess the knowledge and experience to design sales incentives that really work for your organisation– striking the right balance between the needs of the organisation and those of the employee. When that balance is struck, the long-standing benefits of such an investment speak for themselves.

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